Cocoon Scarf: Another Two-shaft Idea

This is my 834th post! I began them in November, 2010.  Before that on my original website I had posted over 100 weaving tips. They are still available and used today on this website. For the last year Bob, my tech guy and I have posted nearly every other day. I enjoy making the posts and still have ideas for more. I love getting comments! Any suggestions for posts are welcome, too.

I got this beautiful, fine silk scarf in Japan. We visited the silk grower who showed us his refrigerated storage shed for cocoons ready for making threads. Usually, silk threads are made up of several strands—that is from several cocoons. His breed of silkworms are not grown commercially and his processing is not done commercially. His weavers weave these scarves with threads of single cocoons. I treasure my scarf so here are several photos.

My scarf is generous in size: 18” x 72” not including the fringe. In a pile about the size of a dinner plate, it is gossamer.

I love the structure, too. There are two breads of silkworms used. I have a cocoon from each one. The thick threads are from a different breed from the thin ones.

Of course the selvedges are perfection. I’m inspired by the structure. Putting that little thicker thread in regularly makes it so you notice the fabric.  Another two-shaft idea which doesn’t have to use such fine threads, of course.

A close-up. I find it looks really great close and at a distance. And, amazingly enough, it doesn’t snag on my sort-of-rough hands!

Here’s how the fringe was handled. Again perfection!

12 thoughts on “Cocoon Scarf: Another Two-shaft Idea”

  1. Lucky u. Beautiful scarf. I have some single spun silk/camel. If u would like it I can send it to u. It’s not as fine as u have shown.

    • I might like it if you want to part with it. I’m planning on a fine thread era to begin.
      Let me know what you think. I don’t need large amounts for sure. I imagine it is gorgeous to feel.

  2. So beautiful
    I love getting your post. Im learning a lot. I love the way you do your thread count. I tried it and will always use your tip. Thank you for the kindness of sharing.

  3. Love the Scarf! Thank you for sharing.

    One question: You mentioned that the thicker threads are another breed of silkworm that created a thicker strand. When I took a look at the closeups of the fabulous scarf it appears that rather than a thicker filament, the beat was much harder or if it is in the warp that the sett was much closer. In other words rather than a thicker thread it looks like there are several threads close together. Maybe it is just a trick of perspective or my older eyes. They could still be another breed of worm.


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