Plaids On Two Shafts: They Don’t Have to Look Plaid

This picture is from the book: Adventures and Weaving on a 2Harness Loom by Alice K. Cripps

These ideas take “plaids” to different levels. I just realized that all of these projects must have been made on the same warp! The same warp stripe system is in all of them. Cleverly, the tote bag has the pattern turned 90 degrees for another idea and look. What the wefts do make very different designs.
I think of setting up a little system when making a plaid. Here a medium tone (value) color has a narrower light stripe on either side of it.

You want to be sure to think about the edges of the design and often, as in this case, want to end with the same width stripe that you began with. Or another way to put it is to have matching borders on each side with your plaid system between them.
I’ve seen directions that say at the end after all the repeats: add some threads ”to balance”. That way you have matching borders on both sides.

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