Ironing in India

We had a free day in Chennai in southeast India at the end of our trip. We rode in another took-took to two fabric stores. One is where I bought my 21 different silks (a Meter each or so) and the other, for linens (only 7 different ones. On the way back to the hotel we saw something on the sidewalk and our driver said it was a woman ironing. Of course we stopped and I’ll never forget the “ironing lady”. I especially was interested in the hot coals in the iron!

She was working in this cart set up on the sidewalk. I assume the man was her husband.

Here is the view on the street that caused us to stop. In one photo I saw another woman ironing outside the cart-shanty. You can see the work done and what is waiting to be ironed on the table.

Here we are together. We were on a photography trip and had been told that the people were very friendly and willing to be photographed. By the end of the trip, we weren’t bashful about approaching anyone.

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  1. Thank you for this fascinating post. I appreciate the opportunity to see fiber work being done in different locations and proceeding despite “all the trimmings,” so to speak, of the right tool, perfect tool, whatever. Making do and making amazing.


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