Two-Shaft Ideas for Spacing the Warps in the Reed

Spacing the threads in the reed can be dramatic. Here the wefts are spaced, too. Sometime people put a piece of soft cardboard (like a cereal box) to space the wefts out evenly.

Another variation of spacing the threads in the reed.

Making areas of dense and less dense threads in the reed.

4 thoughts on “Two-Shaft Ideas for Spacing the Warps in the Reed”

  1. I am curious how wet finishing would effect these pieces. I tried using one of those new fangled curved beaters of the rigid heddle … and after wet finishing, the weft went very nicely back into a straight line.

    Would there be special handling of these wide warps to keep the effect?

    Thank you for your information. I enjoy learning from experience weavers.
    ~ Karen

    • I have just dyed a fabric with spaced warps and I see that the threads do have some tooth–so I wouldn’t use any smooth threads. I’m thinking that changing the shed when you begin weaving after a space would help. The same principle might work in the threading. Don’t follow a thread on shaft 1 with another thread on #1. I did play with the spacing of the wefts a bit and I’m not sure if my thinking really did work. At least, don’t use smooth threads where you want them to stay apart. I hope this helps. Also, I might wet finish gently, without agitation.


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