Two-Shaft (harness) Weaving: Part One

I discovered weavers with many shafts often become interested in weaves for just two shafts. I’ve kept a file, and these fabric samples were on top. The label on the sample card says Konwiser inc. When I looked them up on the web, I found they are on the MoMa website with two furnishing fabrics dated before 1955. I don’t think they are in business now.

There are 6 colorways in the collection: all the same weave.

The third in the stack of samples. So interesting how the different colors make such a difference.

These are 52% cotton and 48% wool upholstery fabrics.

The price on the label is $14.25 and the width, 54”.

The name given to this collection is “Bahia”. My next post will be about drafting these and color drafting. In the meantime, see if you can work out the draft and if we agree.

4 thoughts on “Two-Shaft (harness) Weaving: Part One”

  1. Thank you. So much can be done with plain weave. I love patterns, but have limited weaving time. I have thought about threading only plain weave or straight twill on my 4 shafts to save time. Look forward to part 2.

  2. It´s very interesting to see the different colors! Thanks for posting. And drafting is a good exercise always. 🙂
    The result has something Mondrian-ish…


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