Thick and Textured Yarns on Two Shafts

Fine and coarse yarns are designed in the warp and weft in this example.

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The same warp threads, but a different look when thick, textured yarns are in used for some of the wefts. They wouldn’t be good choice for warp threads because of getting caught in the heddles or abrasion from the reed but make good choices for wefts.

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Again, the same warp threads with a different design for entering the wefts.

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8 thoughts on “Thick and Textured Yarns on Two Shafts”

  1. This is fascinating. I am a spinner and have 15 years of hand spun yarns to use in weaving. I am ready for my 4th project using my yarns in it. Can you recommend a pattern for a merino wool hand spun warp and weft?

    • Dear Beth:
      PLAIN WEAVE BY FAR. I suggest you design your PLAIN WEAVE with ideas you get from the post. Set up a scheme, such as 4 thins and 2 thicks in warp and weft. Or change the wefts to different schemes on your warp. You have so much to play with given different textures. PLAIN WEAVE is the best for handspun. Other weaves disguise the yarns as well as the pattern.
      Doesn’t this post inspire you? It does me for you! What do you think? Then, you could dye some of the fabrics or pieces of them if you like, for more variations. And you probably have different color wools to add to the mix. Just start with something–not too wide or long so you can play for starters.

      Your warps need to withstand weaving, so probably they should be plied until you have more experience and patience for breakage. And you can size your warps if they are fragile. I have used a flax seed sizing I found on the web. I painted it on the warp that was exposed on the loom (in front of the heddles and behind) then let it dry overnight with the shed open. I’d been afraid to size but it turned out to be easy and I was happy not to have breakage with a handspun singles. I could only weave what was sized in a session, but that was ok for me.

      Now you have merino in the mix–you can always felt some or all of it.


  2. I have strong three ply yarns I have spun, not worried about breakage, simply coming up with a pattern and layout that looks nice and has a bit of interest. I picked out two smaller skeins of purple to mix that have a small degree of variation in the colours. I plan to weave it with my sunrise yarn that is in pinks and yellow/orange with a tiny amount of purple.

    excited to get started, this will be my 4th project weaving.

    • Did I misunderstand you before? Are you looking for a sewing pattern? That I cannot help with except to say to Google to look for patterns for handwoven cloth. What were your other 3 projects and what do you want different? Maybe that can help me, but I’m afraid I’m not the one for you on this. There are lots of people that specialize in clothing. Maybe check out Handwoven Magazine–they probably have an index. Then you can get some names to follow up with.

  3. Weaving pattern and treading pattern was my search. I did a scarf, towels, baby blankets this past year. I found pattern with 5 different twills, so it isn’t boring to do for the scarf. I don’t think I would have used the 2 yarns for warp without your suggest of thick and thin mixing, it will add further interest. Thanks


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