Log Cabin on Two Shafts

This book from 1950 was in my Two-Shaft file. It specializes in color placement in the warp and weft using Maysville yarns. I’m not sure if they exist anymore.

I like the weave structure, log cabin. There were interesting photos in the book.

Here is the draft from my book, Weaving for Beginners, which shows how the dark and light threads in the warp and weft create the pattern for 4 shafts. The next photo shows how this could be threaded on just 2 shafts.

Here is the threading draft in the Adventures in Weaving book. Dark and light threads alternate.

Of course the blocks don’t have to be all the same width in the warp. Or the same height in the weft, either. Another photo from the 2-shaft book.

3 thoughts on “Log Cabin on Two Shafts”

  1. Dear Peggy,
    Thank you for the photos of the mats from Adventures in Weaving. I have just put a warp onto my Majacraft rigid heddle loom, the phots inspire me to weave following her design. A box of four books Weaving for Beginners arrived in Fern Tree; Tasmania, Australia this morning. Thank you. Will make payment now.
    Best wishes


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