Balling Yarn: Part One

I brought back this handspun, overspun, tangled skein from Bhutan. I bought it to show the others in the group what handspun yarn was like. I bought two enormous skeins—one was the most tangled I could find. I balled the yarn for a few nights in my apartment when things were calm and peaceful—before I got on to another creative binge.

I stayed back in my room one afternoon to unwind one skein to show the group. Was I flabbergasted when I couldn’t open the skein from either end, and found A CROSS in the skein!

I can’t say how many wonderfully peaceful hours I’ve spent balling these skeins. In a shop I saw a woman unwinding a skein using two swifts. Then I realized how I could unwind my skeins.

With the cross in the middle it’s been a pleasure. Never a tangle and every thread came off in perfect order.

Making it more interesting is that each yarn is made up of two singles. They weren’t plied, but doubled and sometimes one was longer than the other.  That meant I got to keep two balls going as I unwound the skein. Besides, the yarns were sticky.

Here are the two balls. One yarn was definitely thinner. Part two will show how they made the cross in the skein.

3 thoughts on “Balling Yarn: Part One”

  1. Looks like beginner yarn! I have to deliberately make it harder to spin evenly to get yarn like that now 🙂

    The cross is definitely weird.

  2. Wow! How interesting! I have never thought to put a cross in a skein of yarn. And how clever to figure out to use two skeins to wind it off!

    What do you plan to do with your marvelous yarn?

  3. Excelente solución. Aquí, en los alrededores de Bogotá, a veces consigo madejas que vienen un poco “cruzadas”. La solución es extenderlas entre algún soporte…por ejemplo el telar; con paciencia se van desenredando los hilos. Que bellas fotos de las bolas ya hechas!!!! Muy bellas


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