A Special Niddy Noddy to Make a Cross in Skeins

This skein from Bhutan has a cross in the middle and in my last post I showed how two swifts were needed  to unwind the yarn.

Here is the niddy noddy I brought back from a weaver in Bhutan.

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This one is beautiful. It’s made of a branch of bamboo. I absolutely love it and hang it on my wall and almost swoon when I walk by. (I held up the group a bit while buying this exact one.)

I am trying to show you how long it is by putting it against the door to my apartment.

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Here is the path the yarn will take to make the cross in the skein.

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4 thoughts on “A Special Niddy Noddy to Make a Cross in Skeins”

  1. Hi Peggy, this is probably a really silly question, but why do I want a cross in the skein? And what a great souvenir!


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