Use a Table Loom ~ When no tie up is the best solution

Sometimes there are just too many tie-ups in a multi-shaft project that a table loom is the best solution. (Of course, you can weave a 4-shaft project with the universal tie up in previous posts.)

Weaving this Christmas stocking took 8 shafts and Carolyn Burwell did not want to crawl under her floor loom for all these tie-ups. Using the levers on a table loom for all the sheds was easier by far than making all those tie-ups on a floor loom.

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Here is what the back looked like. Weaving wrong-side-up would not be any help.

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Red velvet will cover the wrong side beautifully. See the next post for the finished stocking.

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4 thoughts on “Use a Table Loom ~ When no tie up is the best solution”

    • I don’t think so. Check around on the internet for 8-shaft Christmas patterns or Pinterest. Or: you can make up oyur own. Probably a threading 123456787654321 is all needed. then you have 8 places for a symmetrical design. Those shafts would be lowered so the weft would show. then it will be your very own!

  1. Thanks Peggy … I’ll try that on my 8 shaft table loom … a Medico… after my current project is done …. that colour weave along!


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