Big Bags

This is what started it all. I remember seeing this bag in a window in India quite a few years ago. I lusted for it but I knew I didn’t carry that kind of purses. Bought it anyhow and it hangs on a doorknob in my bedroom and I still love it.

This bag came from a specialty shop in a Japanese department store. Who could resist it?? The Japanese have the most beautiful purses and bags for textile lovers. I’d come to the conclusion that I would allow myself to buy tote bags that I like. Those I do use as well as love.

This one I think is from Japan, too. It is really useful.

I got this in China. The only thing in the fashion shop that appealed to me. I’m hoping that maybe some of these treasures will be inspirations to others for projects to make. They are fun and so useful and not too complicated.

4 thoughts on “Big Bags”

  1. That crane ikat from Japan made my jaw drop. What skill! Thanks for sharing these. I feel like I’ve taken a mini international tour. 🙂

    P.S. I said good things about you and your books yesterday in a talk, as part of my “learn foundational weaving skills” recommendation. Love your books; I’ve learned so much from them.


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