Repairs, Repairs, and More Repairs

I mostly used the splice method of repairing my fragile warp threads.

The lease sticks and comb were lifesavers.

I needed lots of weights. Shower curtain hooks really work well. The large washers I got from a man cleaning out his garage. I got a big jarful. The lovely wooden ones my mentor, Jim Ahrens made. A close- up is at the end of the post.

At one point this is was what was hanging off the back of my loom. The outside ones were the selvedges. In the middle were two extra threads that I didn’t need while threading so I kept them taught so they wouldn’t tangle.

At one point I could bring through all that were hanging off the back to in front of the reed. That meant that the knot joining the splice and the regular warp advanced forward enough to anchor out of the way of the reed. I wrapped the threads like a cleat on pins.

These threads were at the end of the warp and I just used the replacement method to repair them. That means I used a new piece of warp and weighted it, not attaching it to the original.

Here is a close-up of Jim’s lovely weights. There might be some wood workers around who would like to make holiday presents. They worked wonderfully well.

5 thoughts on “Repairs, Repairs, and More Repairs”

  1. Your NZ themed ruler! I hadn’t seen one of those in years. I know its not quite weaving But is there a story behind it? (I’m a newbie weaver from NZ.)

    • I have a very good friend who lives in Wellington. She was my land lady when I lived in New York. She lived on the first floor and we on the top flor of a brownstone in Greenwich Village. We used to get together after the kids were in bed for a glass of wine many nights so we became very close. She still comes to visit her children so I usually see her once a year. I can’t remember when she gave the ruler to me. I keep it in my studio and when I pulled it out, I wondered if anyone would respond. So far, there have been two of you. Such fun for me.


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