Needle Pillow Warp Revisited

I found another sample I wove on the warp with the needle pillows. This is FAST to weave: not much weaving!

I used the warp yarn for the wefts in this part. It was handspun cotton I brought back from Bhutan.

This is what happened at the edge where the weft jumped up to the next woven section. I put pieces of cardboard in the sheds for the unwoven areas. That kept the spaces uniform (not required).

Here you can see that the warp was wide enough to make two pillows.

I tried sewing thread and it makes a quite different look.


4 thoughts on “Needle Pillow Warp Revisited”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Hope your doing well. Weaving has kept me grounded throughout this year. Your the reason I have been so safe and happy. Weaving and all your teaching is who I’ve become. Just want to thankyou again for turning that light on in my life. Miss you . Jan

  2. The adorable needle pillows remind me of monk’s belt. Do you think making needle pillows from fabric woven in monk’s belt could work?


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