Needle Books Inside and Out

My obsession with needle books is here again. This time with more details about what’s inside.

I crocheted this needlebook having copied it from a friend. It had been her mother’s I think, in New Zealand.  My first one was a 40th birthday present some 30 or so years ago. The outside is 5/2 pearl cotton. Since it doesn’t touch the needles, cotton is OK to use. The diameter is 3 ¾”.

The inside layers were scraps from a wool overshot project I did in my apprenticeship with Jim Ahrens in the 70’s. Yes, I keep left over pieces for a long time! I always think I’ll make collages or something.

This one is also cotton on the outside. It came from a famous fabric shop in London, Liberty of London. I just liked the fabric so bought a tenth of a meter. I made them as favors for a lunch party for my weaving friends I gave on my 70th birthday. That was also when I moved into my retirement place—10 years ago. I’m so glad I made that decision.

The inside pages are pieces of wool fabric. It measures about 4” square. This I use all the time. The turquoise twill also came from Liberty’s.

These came from Wales. The block weave is a common double weave pattern woven there. It is wool. The striped one is smaller (2 ½” x 3 ½”). It’s handy to hang on the loom, etc.

The insides are simple but functional.

This is a tiny one—only as wide as the needles. I found it in a little chest in a secondhand store.

Here is the back! You can see how much the top faded over years of use.

This was my first 4-H project. Made of wool felt. I’ve never used it. I never knew what it was made for. At 10 (and beyond) I never questioned much about things.

The inside. The measurements are 5 ¼” x 7” or so. I learned about using animal fibers for needles and pins with this project.

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  1. Peggy,
    Your collection is precious. A few questions… what is the purpose of using wool pages for the needles? Does silk also work? Is there a problem storing needles in bast fibers?

    • In 4-H I lerned it must be animal fibers or the pins (and needles?) will rust. Sosilk should be ok but not bast.


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