An Inspiration from He Haiyan’s Boutique in Shanghai

He Haiyan uses scraps and keeps her employees busy while not making unique fashions. This shawl is generous in size and still light weight. The cotton warps and wefts are approximately the size of 20/2. Silk rags are narrow with black rags alternating with colorful rags. It looks to me like the rags are about 3/8” wide.   It measures 16 ½” x 87” including fringe. I hope it inspires some weavers.

It is so supple and can be bunched up or flat. It wasn’t easy to take the selfies, but this is the best I could do. It’s so long that just hanging around my neck it reaches a bit below my knees. One would think it would be too bulky when wrapped, but it bunches up nicely. It weighs only 8 ½ oz.

Notice how nice the selvedges are. Each rag was individually cut AND folded back at the selvedges. I could barely make out that the rags were folded back about 1 1/2”at each edge! This makes the edges nice and he rags don’t work themselves out. Pains were taken to weave it so beautifully .

Another selfie to show how flexible.

Here’s another close-up of the fabric. Carefully designed and woven and yet so casual and comfortable. And the cotton isn’t slippery, so it stays put on my shoulders.

13 thoughts on “An Inspiration from He Haiyan’s Boutique in Shanghai”

  1. That is so interesting I have a bunch of silk thrums, got to go get them out and start sorting. I have a yard of tan silk remenent water stained, hummm I am thinking Thanks!!!

  2. Sounds like it is too long. You could cut it in half and give me the other half (he, he).
    I remember seeing your wear it. It’s terrific.

  3. Thank you Peggy. I LOVE your postings. They are always different and interesting. And I am learning a lot from them. Thank you so much. I treasure all of them even though I don’t always voice my appreciation.

    • Oh, Marlie–how wonderful to get those words from you. thanks so much. I should be telling you how much I love your postings on Instagram. I can’t imagine how you can be so prolific in making so many beautiful things! Your comment keeps me going. I love doing the blogs–it’s a bit like teaching which I loved to do before I retired. In fact, tonight I’m thinking of NOT doing one on the day before thanksgiving–thinking no one will have time for it. I guess I’d better make one after all. But…I don’t want to waste a good one if the audience isn’t there.

  4. Thank you for this! I’ve saved yards and yards of silk trimmings from my serger, knowing that a good use would come along; this is it! Thank you for your inspiration and all of your postings – I look forward to every blog post.

  5. It worked. I’m inspired. I’m making rugs right now, some with mop weight cotton, some with rags. Now I’m gonna make one with both! Thank you!


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