Tying the Lease Sticks Separately

I always recommend having the lease sticks in behind the heddles when weaving. That is because it makes it easy to find where a thread belongs if it breaks. This make repairing go MUCH easier. In cases where the warp threads are fragile or sticky and it’s hard to move them when they are tied together like they usually are, I tie them separately.

Here is a closer view of how I tied the lease sticks separately for my fragile warp threads. Now, they are much easier to move one at a time.

Here are the cones of the yarns I’m using. It’s always interesting to see how differently the yarns look on and off the cones.

A close-up of the plied yarn. It varies widely. You can see how vulnerable it is sometimes. It can either break or simply pull apart. However, I love it so am patient.

The black boucle. Perhaps you see why I love it.

5 thoughts on “Tying the Lease Sticks Separately”

  1. Hi Peggy
    That is a really good idea! It often is difficult to slide the two lease sticks together. So even an experienced weaver can learn from your blog!
    Thanks again and greetings from Switzerland

    • This makes me so happy! Didn’t you visit me in my studio? I’ve never seen work as beautiful as yours!! I wish I had bought something!!


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