Tying On: How to Avoid Bending the Apron Rod

The problem:
The apron rod bends.

The solution:
It’s important that the apron rod stays straight. Slip off excess lashing on the rod as shown. You only want lashing on the apron rod to be as wide as the warp that will be tied on. I’ve seen huge dowels to try to prevent bending. That doesn’t work. It will be easy to slip the lashing onto the rod again for wider warps, so don’t worry about that.

Check the warp tension:
Close your eyes (that’s important; it helps you to concentrate), and use the flat part of your fingers to pat gently across the warp. All the threads should feel the same. If they’re too tight or too loose, they should be re-tensioned.
Don’t agonize. That’s important, too. Unless a bundle of warps feels definitely softer or definitely tighter compared to the  others, it is probably just right.

I like to tie on with surgeon’s knots. If you need to adjust bundles, just tug one of the tails of the knot to open or loosen it. There is no need to untie, then retie the knot. To tighten a warp bundle, brace the heels of both hands on the apron rod and pull the tails of the knot to cinch the warps tighter.
Complete the surgeon’s knot:
When you’re satisfied that the tension is even, take the tails of the knots and tie them together to complete the final part of the knot. In other words, each knot will consist of the beginning parts of a surgeon’s knot with the final part of the knot on top of it. See my eBook on knots and of course, Weaving for Beginners for how to tie this and other knots for weavers.

7 thoughts on “Tying On: How to Avoid Bending the Apron Rod”

  1. Only use the lashings that are the width of the warp — a very useful tip — why hadn’t I thought of it?! Thank you Peggy!

    • I think don’t fuss too much. It’s like when you have an eye exam–which is better. If you feel it is soft, then it is. If you can’t tell, then it’s ok. Does that help? Be sure to take my advice about how to not bend the apron rod!!

  2. Peggy,
    I have a warp that is 7 inches wide (15 epi) on a loom that is 24″ wide. I tried lashing as indicated above, but my loom has waxed strings (loops) instead of an apron, the bar tipped, and in trying to fix the tension I ruined everything. Would it be helpful if I lashed the center part as you indicated but also added one or two loops just on the ends of the rod (with duct tape on top of the lashing, perhaps!)?

    • Even your waxed loops for an apron need to be lashed for just the width of your weaving. I think that was your problem. Also your suggestion is the wrong way to think. Look at the post again and see the rod bending if you added loops at the end. That is what I’m try to explain not to do. LEt me know if this answeres you enough.


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