Two Awesome Weaving Tips:

1. A Fast Way to Re-sley errors in the Reed

There’s an easier way to re-sley the reed than unthreading all the threads that need to be moved at once. Instead before un-threading anything, insert your sley hook into the new reed position for the incorrectly sleyed thread. Hook the thread to be moved behind the reed and draw it and the sley hook through the dent. In effect, you are “de-sleying” and “re-sleying” in one movement.

2. Another Use for the Reed

Often when I leave a weaving session, I want to make a note where to begin. The reed is my favorite place for notes to myself.

6 thoughts on “Two Awesome Weaving Tips:”

    • A good idea and I will put it in my que. Do you want a short answer? Some looms depend on heavy shafts to stay down when the sheds are open. In that case you need metal. If that is not the case, I suggest Texsolv–Lighter to lift. Is that enough for now?

      • I am getting an AVL K series loom, which is a countermarch loom. So I am not so concerned about heavy shafts. But I wondered about whether texsolv is easier on delicate fibers, or whether there are other things to consider in deciding which heddles to use.


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