Scrolls Show Up At Last

Here are the first of 14 scrolls. The final photo shows them all together. It’s my first chance to see them all in a row as I imagined months ago. The fabrics are linen (one silk) and all began as white yardage I bought in India in January.

Here is the next batch, working from the left to right. All of the pieces in the center of one scroll were dyed in the same dye pot. That is, I put a small piece of each white fabric into the dye pot. They came out all a bit different simply because they were different fabrics to begin with. The backgrounds I dyed each separately.

The third batch, working toward 14 pieces total. I used yellow onion skins and black walnuts for dyes plus three tannins I brought home from Japan: Myrobalans, Quebacho, and Brugeriera. Then some I put in an iron bath at the end and a few in a copper bath. All were mordanted with alum.

Dyeing linen was much more of a process than silk, wool, or cotton. The big difference was a two-hour scouring process in the beginning.

The end of the row. The idea of scrolls has been with me for a year or two. And for years, I’ve been buying any white fabrics I could find with the idea that a variety of fabrics will give me a variety of tones and shades when dyed.

Here’s a gallery view. It’s been a long process. All during the pandemic.

17 thoughts on “Scrolls Show Up At Last”

  1. I have been so happy to hear about this project as you were working towards this beautiful exhibit. What an amazing artist you are! Congratulations and thank you for sharing

  2. What a beautiful exhibit. These scrolls are beautiful Peggy. And seeing them all together is so impactful. Each individual piece if beautiful on its own, but seeing them all together really gives you an overview. I wish I could see them “in the flesh” to get a better sense of the texture of the fabrics. Something you can’t catch in a photograph. Thank you for sharing these with us and for sharing the whole process as you made them. Quite fascinating.

  3. Yes to see them up close and personal would be a treat! A wonderful virtual adventure I’ve have following your adventure. Thank you for sharing

  4. I also do eco dying with various fabric…mostly linen/canvas and cotton. Experimenting making banners and doing multi media. Have you tried using water from various locations and sources? Apparently it makes quite a difference. Love your work!

    • Oh, my! Another variable!! Never thought of it. I do hope to get to dyeing my silks soon. I’m really happy you like my work.

  5. Peggy this is fantastic! Love following your processes. What did you use for the top of the scroll? (I’m viewing on cell…)


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