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I am amazed at the responses to the scam post. And I was surprised to find out how common the stories were. I want to share them so others won’t fall into the trap. Now, with so many people selling things on the web and on Instagram, it’s especially important to pass on these stories. Here are the quotes along with photos of “Shiny”.

Again, this is the original piece before finished.
“This is a typical scam surprise gift order for his wife! The check sent is usually fake, and they want you to send money to other people, too. Be aware!”

I decided to improve the arrangement a bit to make the rows of squares straight after unsuccessfully trying to splay the outside rows out.
“Sounds fishy when he had all these excuses about how to pay.”
“Classic scam.”

After flattening the curled squares with archival double stick tape, the dents where the pins were showed up so I had to put the pins back.
“This is a common scam. They want you to cash a check, send the item, the check bounces. Red flags are that they are 1) in a hurry, 2) it’s a gift, 3) it is secret, 4) they send a :shipper” to package and send overseas and extra money is required to do so. There is also a version where they send you a check to buy gift cards—you buy the cards and the check bounces.”

Pins were replaced. I always did like them.
“Scam—I received one sometime ago. I asked a for answers and never heard anything else.”

“Twice in the last two years I received a similar message from someone who responded to my website to purchase a piece also for a gift for his wife… might be same scammer.”

“I got four letters like that from different men. Didn’t answer any of them.”

This one silk looked nice un-ironed and added another shiny dimension.
“You may want to keep an eye on the account you deposited the check to for the next couple of months, just in case. I got hit once by identity theft and it was awful.”

Here’s a close-up of the wrinkled silk squares.
“I hope he didn’t get your bank account number to do something with later. Also the text9ng thing worries me for security because you never know what they can do with your number…Make yourself a rule as I have which is if someone wants to purchase with a check it has to be certified by a bank and must clear my account before I release or ship merchandise.”

This fabric stayed flat.
“This is becoming very common ploy on many sites. We had it happen when trying to sell a Burberry topcoat. Pretty much the same story, buying it as a surprise for a cousin…The premise smelled stinky so we did not respond after a few communications. We try to sell local as much as possible and check out the buyers as much as we can.”

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