What’s Next?

Since I think I’ll be locked in for a long time ahead, I’m beginning to think about the white silks I brought back from India. Again, like the linens, I expect the different fabrics to take a variety of shades and tones when they come out of a dye pot together. I have 21 different ones.

The silks look nice bunched together even before dyeing. I think they will look better bunched up somehow, rather than flat like the linen scrolls.

These are the samples I dyed with red onion skins and the 3 tannins I’ve been using. They are on a cloth I wove just before the pandemic. Maybe my scroll project is finished and I need to think of another way to present the silks.

These were dyed with red onion skins. I don’t think I used a mordant. I like the mottled colors I got from bunching up the fabrics in the dye pot and not stirring them much.

Here the colors are more even. I like them, too.

Now I have a good supply of red onion skins and yellow, too. So, maybe I’ll just plunge in—next week??

7 thoughts on “What’s Next?”

  1. Looking forward to watching “The Plunge”. Sometimes I take forever to plan out a project and then after starting I get completely sidetracked into another direction!!!

  2. Hi Peggy,
    For the red onion skins to dye your beautiful silks, is a pound of the skins enough to dye the silks?

    Just curious, thanks,
    Susan C

    • Silk dyes really easily and strongly. My old dye book suggest for COTTON OR WOOL 3 times the weight of the fabric for the red onion skins. I think less will do. I have a big dye pot full (loosely) of skins. I’ll fill it with water about 3/4 full and use that as dye. I’ll keep using that dye over as it gets lighter for subsequent dye baths. I like to go until the dye is exhausted, but probably won’t get that far. However, my first samples I loved with the nearly exhausted dye. So I may fiddle around with that idea too.

  3. Love your photos of the silk! I want to reach through my screen and give them a feel. 🙂
    It’s going to be fun to watch your process.
    – Mary


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