Ways to Catch the Outside Thread when Using Two Shuttles

When using two shuttles, you’ll need to do something special to catch in the outside warp threads. Here’s what to do:

Check the area where the shuttle came out of the shed— (at one edge of the warp) and notice if it came out under or over the last warp thread.

If the shuttle comes out under the last warp thread, place that shuttle on the woven cloth closer to the reed. See Shuttle A.

If the shuttle comes out over the last warp thread, place it on the woven cloth closer to you. See Shuttle B.

I say to myself: “under, away from me” or “over, near me,” to remember what to do.

Note: If the previous shuttle is in the position where you want to place your new shuttle, slide the previous shuttle out of the way a little bit so you can put this new shuttle where it should be:

away = closer to the reed
near you = nearer the breast beam.

This intertwines the two wefts at the edge and catches the outside warp threads into the cloth.

3 thoughts on “Ways to Catch the Outside Thread when Using Two Shuttles”

  1. Thanks, Peggy, for all of these tips and refreshers you’ve been sending – especially the last several months. I’ve learned some things and been reminded of things that I had forgotten. You’ve been so kind to share your wealth of knowledge. I am not a newbie – am 70 years old and have been weaving for 25 years. I have three looms – all two harness. The two harnesses are enough for me – thanks for fueling my passion.

    • Thanks for your comment, Vicki. I’ll be 80 in September–can’t believe it and began to weave at 35. For many, many years I’ve used only 4 shafts and that’s been enough. I have a folder in my studio of 2-shaft weaves. I found that the more you have, the more people want to see what they can do with 2! I’ve been enjoying doing the posts during the pandemic while I’ve been under lock-down. I live in a retirement place and until last week, I couldn’t leave the premises for 6 months! So I appreciate comments and hearing from people and I realize I still love teaching! And I’ve been creating art with the textiles I have in my apartment and learning photography, too. How’s that for keeping busy!

  2. Hi Peggy,
    I dip in and out weaving. Your tips and tricks are just what I need, so which of your books are they in please as I would love to be able to refer to them on paper when needed.
    I have found the red books so helpful, although printing out the second took a lot of paper, the third one I don’t have yet but will soon, so know there are some tips in there. Perhaps we need a new book, “ Solutions by Peggy”.
    Photography amazing, your new career?
    Keep well.
    Many thanks


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