And Now for Something Different:My Photography Progress Report

It seems long ago, but I began learning to use a real camera last fall in preparation for a photography trip to Southeast India. When we got home (FEBRUARY 4th!!!), I continued practicing so I wouldn’t forget what I’d learned. About two weeks ago my neighbor down the hall GAVE me her “old” 3-year-old Olympus E-M1 camera plus 3 lenses! The learning curve has been hard and exciting so far. There are so many buttons, I can’t remember what all they can do and the book I have has been hard to figure out, too. However, on Monday of this week we were finally allowed to leave the premises to walk in the neighborhood or take a drive. Here are my shots from this week from our terrace and from a bike path along Corte Madera Creek just down the hill. I know this is a weaving blog, but just wanted to share more of my projects for once. My scroll work has been interrupted to learn this wonderful camera. Back to work all weekend!

I got up early yesterday to photograph the sunrise. The smoke from the fires in northern California made the intense color. I got up especially because people said the sunrise day-before-yesterday was spectacular with the smoke influence and lots of clouds. For 6 months I haven’t been allowed to leave the premises of the retirement place where I live. So I know the views from our terrace very well considering I’ve been going out on it every day.

Looking out from our terrace with the sun just about to rise. The rowers on the creek interested me. You can also see San Quentin in the distance.

The bike path goes along the Corte Madera Creek which flows into the San Francisco Bay. The tide was out and some shore birds have come back for the winter. I watched this great egret hunting for food and learned to know just when it was going to pounce.

Another egret photo.

I caught this one as it was about to take off.

Here is a black necked stilt beginning to take off. Sometimes out of focus is a good thing.

And finally, I finally caught a bee in the flowers on my walk on the terrace.

12 thoughts on “And Now for Something Different:My Photography Progress Report”

  1. These are beautiful images. An artist is always an artist using whatever materials and medium, and it’s great to get a glimpse of what your lens takes in!
    Be well and I’m happy that you can go out and about again.


  2. I like your pictures, the Bee macro. I don’t have the macro like my old Canon has with my Nikon. Time to go to camera store Kent. Campus Camera store one of the best from film to full on pro equipment. Nice framing too on your pics.

  3. Lovely happy photos on a wet and windy morning here in the UK. Loved the bee – ours haven’t been out of their hives for a day or two with this inclement weather. Glad you are able to get out a bit more now too.

  4. Peggy, I always think your photos of your weaving are amazing but these new photographs are fabulous! The birds are wonderful to see in their natural habitat and the colossal closet of the bee is stunning! Please share more, these are beautiful!


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