2 thoughts on “Stay at Home Specials End June 2nd”

  1. Peggy,
    What fabric glue/fray stop do you suggest for hemming weaving apart from the hem stitch and other more traditional ways of finishing a woven piece.

    • Check my blog posts in the last few months. I’ve put up a few ideas. Also, I use a double stick tape that is archival when I don’t want stitches to show. Or the BOND double stick interfacing from fabric store as seen in one post. Thanks for reminding me of Fra Chek—I am thinking it will be what I need for a project I’m working on where the fabric is transparent and I don’t want a turned hem that will show too much. Maybe instead, I’ll just iron on an adhesive somehow, to prevent ravelling of the raw edge. Each time I sort of invent what to do. Lately I don’t want stitches to show on my art work scrolls so use adhesives.


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