Red Onion Skin Dye: Post #690 (My post # 1 was published on November 19, 2010)

Today I got up excited to face the day! I am going to send out some photos of my recent scrolls to friends, make more red onion skin dye, check the scales (-8#!) and it’s a POST DAY! I am loving reaching out and hearing back.

How could this not bring joy: peonies, coffee ready, and more red onion skins to dye!

This is what got me so excited yesterday. These are the first samples in red onion skin dye! All of the fabrics are silks that I got in India. They are all stiff like organza. That means they are not silky because they are undegummed (the sericin hasn’t been removed). I have noticed that this type of silk dyes way stronger than the silky kind so that’s what I especially looked for in the large shop in Chennai. I got 10 different types of the raw silk (undegummed)!

I love the range I got. Since so far, I only have a small amount of red skins my samples are small—about 1 ½” on a side and only silks. Ida Grae in her book Nature’s Colors, wrote: “Depth of color depends upon a large concentration of onion skins in proportion to a small amount of textile”. I’m taking that to heart. I saved the dye and hope to get more out of it. Our chef has brought me the onion skins and I’m now begging for more red ones. I’ve got a lot of the yellow ones.

I love the moire in the sheer fabrics.

One more arrangement while playing around. I am so happy!

6 thoughts on “Red Onion Skin Dye: Post #690 (My post # 1 was published on November 19, 2010)”

  1. Thank you for a happy start to my day too! I thought you were going to say the lovely blue fabric hanging behind the peony was also part of your happy feeling.

    Just out of interest – did you use a mordant with these? There seems a vogue for soya at the moment – have you tried it?

    • Glad you notices the fabric behind the peonies–It’s a small child’s kimono–fine double ikat. I love it too.
      What about soya?? How to get it (soy milk?) How to use it??

  2. I agree with you Ruth; it’s a wonderful start to the day to open up Peggy’s blog.

    Thank you Peggy for sharing your journey. I love hearing about your amazing projects. Starting my day reading about your creative process helps me cope with some especially sad days. You are amazing; I am in awe!

    • Thanks for letting me know someone out there reads my posts! I love hearing back! I feel a bit guilty feeling so happy in these hard, very hard times. I feel the sadness, too.


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