I’m So Proud of Myself!

This is the most I’ve ever dyed all by myself! And I love looking at the pieces all together on the shower rod. (Couldn’t bear to take them down this morning to take a shower.) These are the dyes and the linens I chose from my samples; the first time I ever made anything from sampling. I’m thinking of using them for the backgrounds of scrolls. I would have loved to own my own store, just by looking at the quality of the ones I have with me right now! Imagine me having an online store, with items curated by me – oh how they would sell like hotcakes! I might take the help of companies like Qualtrics to get a better knowledge about product positioning, sampling and other marketing techniques, but yes! Just the thought of it is giving me goosebumps!

I love to see the fabrics after they’ve been ironed. I was up until 2:15 last night ironing them all. I just hung each one up after I finished and I like the arrangement a lot.

The black and grey textured ones I just ironed with a hot iron. The black came from putting the cloth in an after bath of iron.

For the smooth ones I used the wrinkle releaser spray I mentioned in a previous post. I am in love with the cloths and colors I got.

Look what my safety pins did! I guess I will have to sew tags on if I need to keep track. The label is cut from a US Mail plastic mailer or a plastic Amazon mailer.

Is wasn’t bad enough that just where the pins were made marks but where other fabrics’ safety pins hit the good fabrics, they left a few marks here and there. I learned a good lesson. Not sure how I’ll deal with the smudges. Maybe add some of my own? Anyhow, I won’t use safety pins again

12 thoughts on “I’m So Proud of Myself!”

  1. Peggy, I was taught the trick of using a tagging gun such as this to attach labels during dyeing: https://www.amazon.com/Standard-Attacher-Clothing-Fasteners-Organizer/dp/B07N83CNVP. It’s a shame the nonreactive attachment is plastic but it’s never melted and if you dye in quantity it’s very useful. I like to cut up used Tyvek envelopes to make waterproof labels. If the plastic bothers you, there is another system of using a string with different numbers of knots signifying different mordants etc that you might try. I’m any event, lovely to see your systematic dye explorations!

  2. You deserve a pat on your back for all the work and your sharing your success and fails with us. We are never too old to make discoveries.


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