Is It Time to Dye Again? What is the universe telling me?

I have been enjoying Instagram a lot lately. (look for peggyoster) It’s a way to show photographs from my daily and now evening walks around my building. I haven’t missed a day since the lockdown and the same walk requires (allows?) me to really look for interesting things, and to watch the progress of the roses. Also, I see a lot of things other people are doing on Instagram. There was a photograph of a piece dyed with onion skins that caught my attention. Then, I thought OMG I see a lot of onions in the salads from our kitchen! They must use onions in a lot of things. The result is that for the last three evenings, a big container of onion scraps has been delivered to my door. A treasure! I strip off the skins of the cut-off tops and bottoms and collect all the regular skins. Maybe it’s time to start dyeing again.

One morning last week I found this sight when I walked into my kitchen. Something was leaking! OMG What is going on underneath the table? I’d covered the table down to the floor with a piece of cloth from Bali so wasn’t sure just what I would see under there. The jugs were full of black walnut dye from a year ago that I couldn’t throw away. Maybe it IS time to think about dyeing again.

I now have 3 dishpans full of beautiful onion skins from the kitchen.  Maybe it’s time…

My dye pots live on my tiny patio. Maybe it is time to get them out.

I have to think of upsetting my tiny kitchen. I guess it’s possible again.

The dish drainer will have to go down on the floor again so I can use the burners. Well, maybe next week

3 thoughts on “Is It Time to Dye Again? What is the universe telling me?”

  1. And here I am thinking MY kitchen is little! I can’t wait to see your onion dye process. Our grocery has a big bin on onions, and I always eye the bottom of it where the extra bits have fallen. I’m always tempted to scoop them all up, but haven’t yet.

  2. That black walnut dye is deadly, it will cheerfully dye anything it lands on! Like the carpeting in the kitchen, the countertop in the bathroom, not to mention your hands! I am sure you will have fun, just doing the Tetris rearranging in your kitchen will be a challenge. 🙂

  3. I feel the same way. Maybe it is time to do…or maybe next week. Thanks for all your support with my computer issues. I now have a newer one and Marcelo made Zoom a one hit touch so I don’t have complicated steps anymore.
    Tomas graduates from preschool on Zoom at 1pm today. I’ll be watching


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