A Little Slide Show of My Samples

I spent the day processing photos of the samples one more time. While being confined, I find it nice to do things I could never find time for, none the less almost repeating something I’d already done in another way. I want to keep practicing my photography skills I learned for the India trip, mainly working more with the program, LightRoom. It’s like Photo Shop. Years ago, my tech guy said I should learn to use it. I retorted, “Do you want to learn to weave?” I’m eating my words and he’s still helping with the posts and everything technical and otherwise. He can use ‘warp’ in a sentence and knows quite a lot just from osmosis. That’s enough for me.

To view slideshow click the first image below then use the right arrow key on your keyboard to advance to the next photo (or swipe on phone or tablet).

2 thoughts on “A Little Slide Show of My Samples”

  1. Looks like you are making the best of it and having fun too. Keep the blogs coming please – it encourages me to keep on weaving.

  2. I love the way you use the light in your photos, Peggy! I should learn to use Light Box, too! Photos are such a wonderful way to document our weaving.


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