Keeping Track of What is Left of a Warp

The record sheet for this post looks homemade, and it is. And since I can’t get out to my studio these days, I have only my working one to show which is rather messy. (as they usually get). I wish now I’d had a professional one made to go with the many work sheets my book designer made for my beginning weaving book.

I know how much warp is left because I keep track of what I’ve woven as I go along. I use a record sheet I made long ago. I use it for every single warp I make. It works like an old-fashioned check book register in that the last column shows the “balance” of what is left.

As soon as I’ve entered the length of the section I’ve measured on the record sheet, I put a marker thread at one selvedge to show where the measurement ended.  Then later if I need to check for sure, I have all the markers on the selvedge as well as all the entries on the record sheet. I make sure that I ender all headings, or separators and the back loom waste. Also, I usually enter what I have allowed for “take-up”. Usually I use 10% for ordinary cloth weaving, just to be sure.

Record Sheet “Warp Use Record Sheet”.

5 thoughts on “Keeping Track of What is Left of a Warp”

  1. This is brilliant and very timely Peggy.
    Just this morning I began writing up a new project and your worksheet covers all the details I would have forgotten to include!

    Thank you so much
    Warmest regards,

  2. Such a great idea. Thanks so much for sharing all your tricks for the trade. Your the best. Stay well and weaving. Old. Jan

  3. This would be very helpful if you weave for clients. I don’t think I will ever get to that point.
    Thanks for showing how you work.


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