Marking Where to Cut So You Can Change Your Mind Later

I made this post while I was at my loom last week. I was weaving as much as I could in case I got locked up in my retirement place. Since that has happened I’ve been working on other unfinished weavings. And getting ideas for more posts. More on that progress to come. In the meantime I hope this tip is helpful. I love sending out these posts–it makes me feel connected to the outside world. [click photos to enlarge]
PUT THE MARKER THREAD IN THE SAME SHED AS YOU WEAVE ALONG. This allows you to pull out the thread without destroying the weft sequence if you change your mind about cutting your cloth later. DO NOT USE RED, BLACK, NAVY if you think the color might run.

See that the marker thread is in the same shed as the regular weft. Then you can pull it out later if you change your mind.

A contrasting marker thread is very helpful especially if the pattern isn’t easy to follow a weft for cutting. With some textures, even the change of color of the weft isn’t enough for an accurate cutting line. Remember not to use a color thread that might run if it gets wet in the finishing process.

8 thoughts on “Marking Where to Cut So You Can Change Your Mind Later”

  1. Thank you Peggy for sending these tips. They are always helpful. I always learn from them and it is nice to see what you are doing.
    Stay well.

  2. Here’s a old knitter’s trick. Use dental floss as a marking line. Easy to wash and slips out easily. Thanks for keeping us all in touch.

  3. Do you weave in a separate studio from your retirement place? If so, I hope you have some smaller projects or a small loom you can work at if you get confined there. I can’t imagine you with idle hands.

    • Yes, my studio is nearby but not available now to me. I have a huge amount of unfinished things here at home and much cloth to dye. That plus operas and checking up on people here and by email –I’m almost too busy. I hope that keeps up for the long run.Mainly working on making art with unfinished things. Oh, yes, I love making the posts and keeping in touch with the outside. Thanks for your being in touch.


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