Japan 2019 Fall Tour – Day 20

A cultural experience at Narita Airport. I made this woodblock print while waiting for flight!! [click photos to enlarge]

Typical to see gardens wherever there’s a patch. This was on the bus in Kyoto on the way to the airport.

Houses are narrow in Japan because they are taxed on the frontage of the properties. Here are 3 attached.

This is a topical house from the back but the front is just as narrow. There are so many odd shapes of buildings in tiny areas. I couldn’t catch them on the train. This is in Kyoto on the was to the airport.

Seven Elevens are everywhere and are lifesavers—for ATMs especially but snacks, yogurt, ice cream and little jars of sake.

There are lots of really wide rivers in Japan with lots of wide area for lots of water when it comes. I was surprised to hear of flooding due to the big typhoon.

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  1. Great glimpse into life so far away! I heard of the taxing based on frontage when I worked in Charleston, S.C. So many houses are little narrow buildings! Enjoy!


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