Japan 2019 Fall Tour – Day 19

We did serious shopping today, my last day in Japan. Kyoto is a great place to end a perfect trip. We were incredibly lucky two typhoons missed us and we had fine weather. Every day was an adventure and everything Cathy planned turned out wonderfully. We connected with friendly and creative people and saw a lot of textiles and techniques. We took lots of trains, some busses, and a few taxis and always found our destinations. [click photos to enlarge]

My loot for the day.

A view looking down the street from our hotel to the incredibly architecturally interesting Kyoto Train Station. It’s the arch to look at. The next photos will be of the inside. Don’t miss them.

A view of the interior of the station. It is so complex it was hard to get a photo to convey the space.

These are steps inside the train station. They can serve as seating for a very large amphitheater. Here they are lit up in a simple way and you can see some folks walking up the steps. Watch out for the next photo!

Here is one way the steps were lit. It was a real light show that kept changing and changing.

Our hotel offered a free drink every evening by the fire. A fine way to enjoy a cold Japanese sake and mull over a day’s adventures. I’m all packed and must catch a bus to the airport in the morning.

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