Japan 2019 Fall Tour – Day 18

This Issey Miyake jacket looks surprisingly weaverly. We investigated fashion designers at the Isetan department store in the Kyoto Train Station this afternoon. Many of his things were surprisingly tame and wearable. [Click the photos to enlarge]

This Issey Miyake dress was on the wild side as expected.

Another Issey Miyake. Many had a patchwork look. Many of the designers used patchwork ideas.

Still at the Isetan Department Store at the Kyoto Train Station in the fashion department. We loved this wool patchwork jacket. One of the appeals was how beautiful the seams were pressed flat.

Before going into the fashion department in the Isetan dept store we had great fun shopping at the Daiso Store in the train station.

My loot from the Daiso Store.

Here is my loot from our trip by train to the town of Shiga near Lake Biwa. We expected to see more ikat weaving with some interesting weft ikat techniques but found wonderful fabrics in hemp, rami, and linen. We were given a personal tour of how hemp thread is processed and the individual strands are joined (twisted NOT knotted). Weaving the hemp as weft was shown on a traditional Japanese blackstrap loom and weaving weft ikat on a floor loom, too. There was a wonderful gadget arrangement to wind the bobbins.

Watch this video to see the gadget arrangement to wind a bobbin of hemp thread. This was at the Omni-jofu Traditional Crafts Center In Shiga. Everyone there was so friendly and helpful.

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  1. Beautiful linen and ramie fabrics indeed. So, in the video, she is running the thread through a water bath…I get that…but if it is wound on bobbins won’t it mold there unless it is used immediately?


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