Japan 2019 Fall Tour – Day 13

Ritsurin Gardens in Takamatsu. We spent a lovely afternoon in this famous and huge beautifully manicured garden. How it got it’s name, Ritsurin, isn’t exactly known but there are theories according to our volunteer guide we had for the day in Takamatsu yesterday. It is known for lots and lots of pine trees. There were so many it was hard to isolate them for photos. This photo also show one of the tea houses on the site. [click photos to enlarge]

A view from one of the round bridges we think of in Japanese gardens. It says it all: tea house, rock garden, manicured tree, and natural forest. I liked the reflections too. It is unusual for Cathy and me to spend time in a garden. I tell people when we travel in Japan it’s “no gardens, no shrines, only textiles.” This place was so big we were glad to have our guide take us around. I was surprised to see signs for WiFi all around. She said it was in case anyone got lost.

Cherry trees. Imagine them in full bloom in the spring. Probably there wasn’t a crowd today because it is the fall.

Today we took a train across an enormous bridge from the island of Shikoku across the Inland Sea to Okayama. Then another train onward across the main island of Japan to Yonago. Going by train is so easy even if changing trains because they absolutely leave on the minute they are scheduled. We have Japan rail passes which make it even easier.

The view from on train window on the bridge made my palms sweat just imagining someone walking on the catwalk. I still get the creeps when I see this photo.

At the end of the bridge I could see the cloverleaf for car traffic.

This special train runs from Yonago to the little town of Sakaiminato which is famous because it is the birthplace of the cartoonist Mizuki Shigeru who made the manga series of folklore and ghouls, Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro. It can be said it is the birthplace of Japanese cartoons. Besides the trains all painted up the whole town was saturated with his cartoon characters.

There were sculptures all along on the sidewalks with the cartoon characters.

Every tourist shop promoted the characters even this hairdresser.

The bakery was no exception. Neither one of us knew of these characters but we soon got to know they were important in the town. We thought were were going to see textiles. That will be tomorrow with a guide.

4 thoughts on “Japan 2019 Fall Tour – Day 13”

  1. The Japanese garden aesthetics are so amazing, the traditional interpretation of nature is so beautiful. Thank you for reminding me Peggy!

  2. I feel like I’m in the parks with you. I loved my travels in Japan. The SF Symphony was there a couple of times and then I’ve been back in retirement…
    Keep sending the pics, please!!!

  3. So beautiful and informative. It’s all a part of the textile milieu. Great narrating of your travels. Love the textile info and picts, too.


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