Japan 2019 Fall Tour – Day 12

Tokushima to Takamatsu. On the hour long local train we saw the autumn season. I love seeing the persimmon trees in the fall. It’s a little too early and the leaves aren’t ready to fall and expose the bright orange fruit to its splendor. [click photos to enlarge]

The trip to Takamatsu is our last stop on the island of Shikoku. These rice fields/paddies have been harvested up to this point. Other paddies have been recently planted and are flooded and green with young plants.

The egrets like to hunt in the fields of lotus plants at this time of year. The fields are still flooded but soon harvesting the roots will begin. There were many lotus fields on Shikoku. We had some for lunch in a delicious plate of vegetables and chicken.

Our destination in Takamatsu was to the Okawara dye Studio Co. Mr Okawara spread out a big silk piece his studio made for the lion dance festival which happens the day after we leave town. The process in creating these beautiful works of art is called Sanuki Norizome which is technique of dyeing textiles using rice paste resist.

Mr Okawara draws with the special rice paste using tubes like for decorating cakes. The paste is colored red so it will show up for the next stages in the process. These lines will be white in the end result because where ever there is the paste no dye will go into the cloth. This is another “resist” technique like what we’ve seen previously.

Here is a small piece which shows the technique in a simple design. After the lines are drawn the areas are painted. Then the cloth is washed to remove the rice paste, leaving the stark white lines. Traditional designs are more like for the lion dance. The studio makes all kinds of banners, flags, and curtains for shop doorways called noran.

Mr and Mrs Okawara posed in their tiny shop in front of the studio. He is holding a photo in a book of a very large art work he has exhibited. I coveted her shirt. Weavers will understand why. The shirt is color samples. Instead of the sample shirt (not available) I bought a piece of art similar to the one shown only my piece has a gorgeous red circle and a black “X”. It is made as a large tote bag but I plan to hang it as art on the door to my apartment when I get home. I fly home on Day 20.

A lovely picture of mother and father and son and daughter in law. We all enjoyed each other so much today. Both men have taught their traditions in the US. Cathy knew when the father came to her university when she was in college in Seattle.

At the end of a wonderful visit.

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  1. You were right – as soon as I saw the photo, I said “I love that shirt.” Then I read your comment. What a wonderful visit you had. Thanks again for sharing.

  2. Another fascinating stop on your journey.
    I would have liked to have one of the color sample shirt! Too bad it isn’t available.
    Looking forward to the next installment.


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