Off Again: to Japan

Here are all the places we plan to visit together. I am going again with my friend Cathy Cerny. She has done all the planning just like in many previous trips. I counted 9 hotels in 21 days so we’ll be moving right along. I hope I can do a post every day! – Click photos to enlarge –

Our first trip is a flight to Amami Island to the town of Oshima. (it is way south and off my map.) We want to see a particular type of ikat called orijimi. The resist is done on a loom forming a mat with the ikat warps or wefts to be woven in. Then the mat is unwoven to reveal the resisted places (dots) where the warps on the original weaving resisted the dye. The dye is also a special mud dye from the area. Oshima fabrics are expensive and have been imitated. We will look at the selvedges to see the tiny white dots to be sure we are getting the true orijimi technique. A friend and expert sent me this precious fragment so we would know what to look for.

6 thoughts on “Off Again: to Japan”

  1. Peggy! I am so excited that you will visit Amami! I was there recently and was in awe of their techniques there. I look forward to visiting again and also to reading about your experiences!

  2. That looks like a very extensive trip!!! How many days will it be? Certainly looks very interesting and I hope that you take lots of pictures for us to come along vicariously!!!

    Have a wonderful trip!!!

  3. Orijimi? Fantastic…a whole trip could be done around that alone! Please post about this intriguing technique. Heck, Peggy, why don’t you write a book about your and Cathy’s Asian textile finds and adventures. Have fun my whirl-wind friend!

  4. I’m so looking forward to all the new things you bring to show us. I have followed along your previous trips and enjoyed living vicariously through you so much! Safe Travels!

  5. I was going to suggest the same thing, Peggy. Write a book about your travels. Your daily recounts are fabulous and engaging. Not everyone gets to do these travels and so it’s fascinating to read about them.
    Thank you for indulging us as we follow you on your travels.


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