A Grand Rug from Morocco

A friend asked me how this big rug she bought in Morocco was made. I noticed right away that away away that where there were white areas on the front, the back was black and vise versa. That told me probably the technique was weft twining.

Another sign was the edges. Each “weft” yarn was cut and stuck out at the edges where the black and white patterning existed.

There were some areas that were not twined but woven. The orange area in the bottom border is a good example. Also where there were totally white or black narrow stripes and no “pattern. I could see at the edges there were regular selvedges showing that the wefts were woven in with a shuttle.

Here is the size of this beautiful rug.

4 thoughts on “A Grand Rug from Morocco”

  1. That’s a beautiful rug. It doesn’t have the look of a piece that was thrown together quickly for the tourist market, but rather looks painstakingly crafted. I’d be interested to know how your friend found it. I’m guessing it’s wool. . .do you know what the warp is made of? Do you think the weft is hand-spun?


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