Shibori Beautifully Explained in CBS Video

This was forwarded to me by Yoshiko Wada–my textile guru who I adore. I’ve been on several of her trips to Japan and taken wonderful workshops at her studio in Berkeley. Slow Fibers Studio is her website. Her trips anywhere are fabulous and she is enormously knowledgeable about so many things and people where ever she goes. She gives classes on many of the techniques you see on the video. I took one by this master in Japan in the town of Arimatsu where the video is located. The town is a lovely town with traditional Japanese architecture everywhere. It is south  of Nagoya. Nagoya itself has a fantastic museum: the Toyota Museum–Toyota first was a loom manufacturing company and there are wonderful old and modern looms working on display. There also is a huge and wonderful automobile section.

2 thoughts on “Shibori Beautifully Explained in CBS Video”

  1. OH! I just got link to this story! How fabulous! What a great glimpse into a wonderful textile craft/art! Thank You for sharing!

  2. I would have loved to have watch the video. Unfortunately I keep getting this message: Video unavailable The uploader has not made this video available in your country.

    I guess Canadians aren’t allowed to watch.

    Did anyone else have this problem. I have tried on all my devices without success.


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