China Tour 2019 – Day 19

A back strap loom with the finest hand spun warp. The threads are single not doubled as usual for strength during weaving. Very fine thread. We saw the woman spinning it from wool fleece.  [click photos to enlarge]

Isn’t this a wonderful bamboo stick for holding the heddles? I wanted to buy one but the weavers husband said I could make it myself.

4 thoughts on “China Tour 2019 – Day 19”

  1. So curious to know the kind of sheep’s wool that would lend itself to spinning such a fine thread strong enough for warp?

    Wish you could have seen the sheep or the fleece! Loving your reports.

  2. Gansu Alpine Fine-wool is a breed of domesticated sheep from China. This breed was created by crossing Mongolian or Tibetan with Xinjiang Fine-wool and then with some fine-wool breeds from Russia. It is primarily raised for wool.[1]

    also, there in Bamboo garden up near Portland Oregon.

    Any additional info on the size of the yarn?

  3. Wonderful! Just goes to show you don’t need a fancy set up to produce great quality…I admire that skilled spinner!

  4. What is the large round stick behind the heddle stick for? It looks like the thread is separated by it. Thanks for the picture!


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