Great news from China!

Peggy just got a message that the Chinese National Silk Museum wants to purchase her piece (that’s in their current BoND exhibit) for their permanent collection! The photo above shows the piece installed in the gallery. We will post a video of it soon so you can see visitors experience it as it rotates in the breeze. [click photos to enlarge]

© Landworks Studio

The China National Silk Museum (CNSM), near the West Lake in Hangzhou, is one of the first national-level museums in China and the largest silk museum in the world, covering an area of 50,000 square meters and a building area of 8,000 square meters. It opened in February 26, 1992, and was extensively refurbished in 2015-2016.

21 thoughts on “Great news from China!”

  1. Wowza! That’s fantastic! I am so excited for you. We’ll celebrate the next time I see you. Woopee! You must be excited too. Can’t wait to see this video.

  2. That is hands down a home run! Well done! It’s really all about the craft and “you bring it ” . Congrats. Johnny C.


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