China Tour 2019 – Day 9

I made it to the China National Silk Museum. A complex of modern buildings—I mean several entire buildings devoted to textiles.  The exhibition is getting set up for opening on the 20th. Loom building, high fashion exhibition, other buildings all with great exhibitions and too much to see even though I had all day. [click photos to enlarge]

All these are from the first floor of the Silk Road history exhibit. Beautiful garments and ancient as well as fragments on display. Silk has been documented over 5000years ago. This brown jacket was tie died with tiny dots. I’m only showing in this post the garments I thought beautiful and interesting. No dates: no time to absorb. Just beauty.

Pants with boot protectors. See trim.

Long brown coat. See next image for special detail.

On long brown coat the first button ever found in China!!

Jacket. Shear. So simple with just these few narrow bands.

Beige dress. This was the first thing I saw on the second floor. I had to take a break. Will see about it the next time. I love all the shapes of these garments a lot.  The museum explains the weaving techniques with wonderful explanations and examples. This is a fantastic place!!!!!!

I couldn’t resist two more. Isn’t  the checkerboard great?

Another simple short jacket with an interesting neckline.

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  1. Hello Peggy,
    Your trip to China sounds very exciting! Are you on a tour or did you organized your own voyage? Thank you.


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