China Tour 2019 – Day 3 (no day 2 post)

Tubu weaving on Chongming Island, Shanghai. This sturdy cotton cloth used to be woven on this island. We were told a bride need to have 100 rolls of cloth at her marriage. Everything was made from it: clothing, shoes, home furnishings. Simple weave patterns made by using dark and light threads in specific ways using plain weave. We weavers call a common patter log cabin and other color and weave effects. Not much is woven now but is being appreciated. [click any photo to enlarge]

This woman has a fabulous collection of tubu cloth and a weaving studio with lots of old looms and tools.

The weaving room had a dirt floor to help control humidity and there were lots of old looms and equipment.

We had too brief a time at the Power station of art Museum in Shanghai before leaving the city. A fabulous show of three avant- guard artists. Here is a piece by Yves Klein.

An installation by yves Klein. He said he tried all his life to get pigment to look right on canvases but whatever her used to adhere it changed the color. At last he relied on gravity to get the effect he wanted with pigment.

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