China Tour 2019 – Day 17

We are In the town of Xichang pronounced something like she Chang in SW China in the Yi Minority Autonomous Prefecture to see the Yi textiles and culture. Today we went to the market and saw lots of unusual food displayed beautifully. I thought the squashes with a few blossoms were handsome.

Furry tofu caught my attention.

This man was unwrapping individual cherries. They were wrapped separately before ripe to keep the birds from destroying the crop.
These were said to be the juiciest and best tomatoes. They looked great. I hope we get to eat some.

It looked like French fries catching the drippings under these ducks. Look carefully to see the cleaver at the ready.


5 thoughts on “China Tour 2019 – Day 17”

  1. That food looks so good! But man, I would be so terrified to eat it. I got sick when I traveled about ~17 years ago and my stomach has never been the same. I am so envious of your travel posts and beautiful photos, but I always wonder how you never get ill on trips. What is your secret?? LOL. I would love to know. Keep the photos coming!! I love your posts. 🙂

    • Hope I didn’t get sick this time. some diaharrea and good Japanese pills for it. I usually never eat street food either. this time is a first and I hope I’m ok. Home to day and seem good.


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