China Tour 2019 – Day 15

Last day in Hangzhou. I went to sit with my piece in the show for the last time before a busy day. I’m going to go through the day briefly. Each place could be its own post.

We took a mini bus for the day’s events. First stop was to a Chinese medicine facility. People brought in their prescriptions to be filled. Odd looking things were in cases for sale as well. It was in an old building with old character.

Nearby was a Chinese medicine museum with lots of history and old exhibits. This guy was impressive.

Then we drove to the art academy where we were treated to box lunches by the art professor who was in charge of the exhibition. He said nice things about my piece.

We were taken on a walking tour of the fantastic campus. The architect is a famous Japanese man and the campus won the top award for architecture. I hope to do a whole post on different different buildings.

The arts and craft building was stupendous. This outer wall is covered in roof tiles that are wired together.

Here is the roof tile wall looking out from the inside.

On the bus passing tea plantations on the way to an enormous temple.

Quite a special place this is.

There were huge carvings in the cliffs on path to the temple.

There are 5 huge temples each with giant statues. I was pretty exhausted and probably didn’t give them the attention they deserved.

Our last stop was at a luxurious tea shop in a tourist inn within walking distance from the temple. There might have been 20 dishes on the menu. After that we rode back to the hotel to pack up for our last night. We got up at 3:45 am to get our bus to the airport. Whew!!

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