China Tour 2019 – Day 13

Our finished projects in the “ash resist workshop “. We didn’t use any ash. “Ash” is the English translation for the word for the type a paste we used on our stencils. The paste was made of soybean powder and quick lime mixed with water. Here we are with our translator. At first I thought she was saying rust but finally we figured out she was saying rice. She did a fine job though. [click photos to enlarge]

Here I am cutting my stencil. I chose a simple one that I thought I could do.

The teacher is beginning to put the paste on my stencil.

My cloth is soaking in water before dying in the indigo dye.

The cloth comes out green right out of the indigo vat. In the air it turns blue.

Here I am with the teachers. When the cloth was dry after dying we scratched off the paste.

5 thoughts on “China Tour 2019 – Day 13”

  1. Look forward to my morning emails to see what wonderful adventures you have while traveling. Love the resist dye results!

  2. A belated congratulations regarding the purchase of your work. What an honor

    I appreciate your daily blog as it allows us to experience your workshops vicariously. I learned that by using ash from different trees actually does work. Ash is used in making lye soap. Depending on the acidity of the ash makes the difference. White pine, hemlock, oak, maple vs, balsa or paper birch,
    I assume that these hardwoods are not accessible there.


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