China Tour 2019 – Day 12

The workshop on safflower dying. At the end we had to dry the fabrics before cutting into samples for everyone. [click photos to enlarge]

We all crowded around the teacher. The main color we were looking for was red.

Samples were cut for everyone at the end. We were surprised to be able to get so many colors from the safflowers. Our teacher was an expert.

Orange was the last color to come. By then everyone was in a good mood. It was a wonderful workshop.

Here I am with my translator for the safflower workshop. She did great explaining everything including the changing pH.

Another workshop showed how those glorious colors on old Chinese robes were dyed with natural dyes. The color system was based on 5 colors. Red, blue, yellow, green, and purple.

Here are the colors. Different shades of colors were worn according to the rank of the person.

Translations were awkward. I finally figured out that they were talking about the tops of acorns. What they called them was “the tops of oak tree fruits”. Rhubarb wasn’t as hard as one would think. Smoked plum took awhile to “get”.

5 thoughts on “China Tour 2019 – Day 12”

  1. The workshops look wonderful! Did you have help organizing this trip? Are you with a group part of the time?

  2. dear peggy, it is well after 4 am here on the eighth floor. i am thrilled to be following your very wonderful trip.everything seems marvelous ,you lot especially, then the workshops, the colors the fabrics, the hosts, your translator, i am so happy for you to have this extrodinary experience. keep learning,,,, lots of love veronica apt 828

  3. Dear Peggy –
    Thank you for sharing these photos. I look forward to checking my computer every morning to see what fabulous things you have done or seen that day.
    I love the colors of this dye. I’ve planted safflowers in my dye garden this year — inspired by the photos from your Japan trip of last year. So nice to see the range of colors possible.


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