Neddle Cushion Details

Here are the needle cushions as they were woven, before cutting them apart. After sampling, I was happy with the way they looked. See below for some of the problems that needed solving.

I hated the spaces between the pattern threads as seen here. Read how I solved that below. I chose different colors of the pattern threads and doubled the number of threads to make them thicker. Then I was satisfied.

I went to my bible on Overshot techniques, Helene Bress’s book. On page 206 in the Overshot chapter was my answer! Her book has such depth with many ways to think about how one can design things. There must be thousands of images.

© 1981 Helene Bress



2 thoughts on “Neddle Cushion Details”

  1. Your knowledge is Vast! I like the word Tabby. Sounds great.

    The comparison between the 2 pillows is very enlightening.

    Hope you are well.

    Best to you,


  2. Hi Peggy, Thanks for the post as I learned from it 🙂 I just bought a new copy of the book your referenced in this post and when doing the Amazon check out saw that others had bought the hand weavers pattern directory by Anne Dixon (2007). It’ll take some time before they arrive through via a friend in USA but I hope to get help in weaving a specific pattern that has me stumped on how to do it sometime in the near future. Best regards, Mike Kendall


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