Weaving Again!

Today I started to weave again after over a year. It takes two swifts to hold the skein.

This skein of raw silk from Bhutan has a cross in the middle of it! I’d never seen such a skein before. However it really makes it easy to ball off the yarn because of the cross. This is definitely hand spun and sticky.

Here’s that hand spun yarn woven with my fine silk warp at 125 EPI.

I decided to try a fatter weft so the weaving would go faster. I may have a dog on the loom. I’ve spent so much time already with broken ends I can’t quite give it up yet. I think I’ll use the cloth to dye with my dyes I brought back from Japan. I’m weaving two layers at once. Well since I’m going slowly anyway, why not?

8 thoughts on “Weaving Again!”

  1. Wow! This looks beautiful! Keep going! I can’t’ imagine so many ends per inch. Thank You for sharing your work with all of us!

  2. Wow, 125 epi !!! What size reed are you using? I saw your photo of using 2 swifts. I’m not sure how that works but … I’m happy you are back to weaving, but a 125 epi warp for your first jump back into weaving. You must be asking yourself “what was I thinking?” Where do you get fine reeds? Are you able to use a reed hook ? I know fine is fun but, what were you thinking? *jokes*


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