Just Published! Weaver’s Knots for Kindle

My new (second) Kindle booklet was just published today!

“Peggy’s Weaving Tips – Weaver’s Knots” can be purchased HERE for just $2.99.

My first Kindle book “Peggy’s Weaving Tips – Hemstitching” can be purchased HERE for $2.99.

This is so exciting!

3 thoughts on “Just Published! Weaver’s Knots for Kindle”

  1. Love this Peggy! Something about trying to remember one’s knots at a certain age. I now have Weaver’s Knots on my phone, my ipad and my kindle!!

    I shall post a glowing review on FB to increase sales!

  2. Thank you! I will gladly purchase. I have print-outs of knots all over the place but can never find them. I don’t know why they give me trouble, but they do!


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