Japan 2018 Shibori Symposium – Post 19 (final)

Japan 2018 Shibori Symposium – Post 19 (final) – This is to snow you how far north we were for the last half of the symposium. We were on the way to Tsuruoka where the stitching exhibit was.

One of the last images of the trip. At a museum was this exhibit of paper threads and cloth woven with paper threads still on the loom. I couldn’t resist including it.

The pond and garden In Tsuruoka. Our last serene moments.

We stayed an extra day in Tokyo and visited a fantastic shop called “Pigment”. This is a photo of this elegant fascinating and unusual architecture shop. All the colors came from pigments. A must see.

Our final dinner. It was sad to think of us all going separate ways. At the dinner there was a demonstration showing how the bow of this obi was tied. The dresser used several large clips to hold things during the 1/2 hour job. So interesting.

At our “last breakfast “ I took pictures of my new friends. The woman on the left is from Ohio near where I grew up ( in Copley) and her friend is from Korea.

The night after almost everyone had left a few of us met at the hotel restaurant for dinner. Here is one woman trying to teach the Japanese waitress how to make her favorite cocktail. It was a riot. After a few unsuccessful tries the bar tender brought over the bottles to be shown how to make the drink. When it still wasn’t right our friend said, “oh, maybe it should have been sweet vermouth !! I think this took about a half an hour of trying to explain “equal parts of …” to the poor flustered waitress only to find out it wasn’t what she’d said it should be. Seemed hilarious at the time but maybe we were wound up before catching our planes in the morning. Here is a sketch of the scene with the correct recipe for a “negroni”.

On the way to Narita airport we passed hundreds of huge and interesting buildings. This is was my last goodbye to Tokyo!

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